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Office Manager

Anastasia has been with Sterling Services since the beginning and she is ruler of the office. When you call in Anastasia is often the person you will speak with. She is the “Mistress of the Morning” for all of our early morning callers. The technicians can always depend on Anastasia to keep them on schedule. When she is not knee deep in invoices, she is proudly defending her Four Square Mayorship and has a passion for the overall company growth. When asked what she likes most about working for Sterling Services she replied “The nice view from my office”. Born in Colorado Springs, Colorado one of Anastasia’s favorite childhood memories was her trip to DisneyWorld. Anastasia loves to travel and hopes one day to go to the Bahamas. Some of her other hobbies are Cabin hunting up North and Cheering on her daughter at Dance Competitions. One thing you may not know about Anastasia is she almost joined the Air Force before she moved to Arizona. In Five years from now Anastasia sees herself retired and sitting on the front porch of her future cabin up North. That is if Joel will let her!

  • Music – Rock
  • Food – Mexican
  • Movie – The Exorcist (original)
  • Sports Team – San Francisco 49ers
  • Bucket List Item – Go to the Bahamas
  • Fictional Character – Mad Hatter
Anastasia is queen of the office. This all started when I became too busy with customers in the field and could no longer answer all of the calls and get work done at the at the same time. As the business grew, so did her involvement and today, the business could not exist without her. Whether she is investigating the disappearance of paper clips, coaxing a service tech into doing “just one more” service call, answering odd calls at all hours, or just trying to figure out where all my missing receipts are, she’s kind of like everybody’s mom.


Administrative Assistant

Kindra grew up in Mesa and has 4 children. Her favorite memory from her childhood was playing in the orchards. When we asked Kindra what she enjoys most about Sterling services is she answered: “the Staff and the hours”. Some of Kindra’s hobbies are swimming, plays and shopping. One thing you may not know about Kindra is that she is a Coupon Freak! In 10 years Kindra sees herself taking a trip to the Bahamas. One day she would like to pay off her house and take a hot air balloon ride over Sedona. Kindra tells us that when she retires she would like to do nothing but sit around her pool and get a tan.
  • Music – Classic Rock
  • Food – Mexican
  • Sport – Basketball
  • Movie – Labyrinth
  • Bucket List Item – Fly in a hot air balloon over Sedona AZ.
Kindra came aboard as the company grew and Anastasia needed more help in the office. That was about four years ago and she is now the primary Dispatcher and Scheduler. Those are some pretty big responsibilities! Kindra has a great working relationship with the field technicians as well as keeping our customer’s best interests in mind and we are happy to have her as such an important part of our team.

Trista Dugie

Office Assistant

Trista grew up in Show Low, Arizona where she fondly remembers driving through the mud with friends. She has two children and enjoys camping, fishing and unplanned trips. Trista wants to have a small farm and amazing garden and lists a trip to China as a bucket list item.The Fictional character she associates herself with is Betty Boop and she points out that although she dislikes mayo, she loves to eat potato salad. At some point Trista would like to own her own business and eventually travel when retired. When asked what she most likes about working at Sterling Services, she lists the coworkers and the amazing customer service provided to our customers. When asked about amusing workplace occurrences, Trista recalls being attacked by a file cabinet the first week on the job!
  • Music – Rock -N- Roll
  • Food – Italian
  • Movie – Full Metal Jacket
  • Sport – Hockey – Coyotes
  • Book – Pride and Prejudice
Trista joined the Team as we came to need more customer and technician support. Trista takes customer calls, helps out with dispatching duties and performs my valued “customer care” follow up phone calls. Trista came to us already having several years of experience working in our industry, so she was a great fit from the start and we are fortunate to have her.

John Michael Stevens

A/C Technician

“JMike”, as we call him, grew up in Jamul, California which is in San Diego county. His childhood memories are catching tuna fish in Mexico. In fact, when you have any conversation with JMike, you realize he has spent a lot of time on fishing boats both for entertainment and as a past career. He is now here in Arizona with his wife Alana and his two young boys, Joey and Benny. The family pets are a dog (Sadie) and a cat (Mia). JMike lists fishing, camping and running as interests and even lists running the 100 mile Ultra in a finishing time as a bucket list item! This makes sense since he lists “Marathon Runner” as a detail that not many people know about him. When JMike retires, he wants to “eat, drink and make money while sitting”. He says his key to success as “always learning” and when asked what he likes most about working with Sterling Services, he says co-workers and honesty are the key.
  • Music: Alice In Chains
  • Movie: Lord of the Rings
  • Food: Mexican
  • Sport: Running
  • Sports Team: L.A. Lakers
  • Book: Endurance

JMike joined us midway through 2017 and very quickly became a huge contributor to a great year in business. He is extremely versatile, able to perform a top notch installation to completion; then shift into a mode of running service calls at a high level as well. He is fun to be around and has a great sense of humor, yet serious about being a high achiever at the same time. I am anxious to watch his growth in the company for many years to come!


Bill Milbourn

A/C Technician / Technician Development

Bill grew up in both Illinois and here in Arizona and has fond memories of climbing his grandparents apple trees. He is married and has a daughter, who he hopes to help accomplish all she wishes to. His bucket list item is to fly in a wing-suit and mostly wants to hunt and fish when he retires. Immediate interests and hobbies are motorcycles, guitars, German Shepherds, hunting and fishing and the fictional character he associates himself with is Spiderman. (We’ve seen him in attics and this is pretty accurate!) Bill wants to be traveling 10 years from now and says he enjoys working with his customers and coworkers to overcome challenges and provide exceptional customer service. Bill is most amused when when one of the guys says “ok, so…” and others laugh and respond, “he just said Queso”. (It’s a silly bunch at times).

  • Music: Classic Rock & Hard Rock
  • Food: Pizza
  • Sports Team: Chicago Cubs
  • Movie: Anything Comedy
  • Sport: Baseball

Bill was a great addition to our team towards the end of 2015. He is skilled in various areas and now fills a number of roles within the Company. Bill is serious about great customer service and operates with the highest integrity. For these reasons he is now serving in a Technician Development role for the Company as well. I may be particularly fond of Bill partly because I had the pleasure of working with Bill’s father for several years and I now have the pleasure of having Bill on board. I am looking forward to watching and being part of Bill’s success for years to come!

Johnny Ralston

A/C Technician

Johnny grew up in Blythe, California. He has a lovely wife, Kylie and three kiddos. Like many of our guys, Johnny is the outdoor type, listing hunting, fishing, camping and shooting as interests and hobbies. He lists his favorite childhood memory as Christmas mornings. One of Johnny’s bucket list items is watching the Red Sox at Fenway Park. When he retires he would like to open up a bait and tackle shop. Johnny lists a key to success as Organization and likes the co-workers and the team environment most about working at Sterling Services.   

  • Music: Anything Catchy
  • Food: Fried Chicken (we found out Johnny hates bell peppers!)
  • Movie: Boondock Saints
  • Sports Team: Boston Red Sox
  • Book: Where the Red Fern Grows
  • Sport: Baseball

Johnny came to us in the Fall of 2018. I knew early on he was going to be a great fit within the Company culture and his values are very much on target with the Company values. Johnny carries a positive outlook and easy demeanor with him everywhere he goes. He has an appetite for learning and a sense of humor appreciated by all. I am looking forward to working with Johnny for many years in the Company.   

Rik Fondriest

A/C Technician

Rik grew up in Ohio. He has a wife, Courtenay and two teenage sons, as well as a cat named Squirrel and two dogs (Kevin and Oobie). His interests are fishing, camping, BBQ as well as stay-cations with the family. In fact, Rik lists “Enjoy my Family” as what he wants to do when he retires. His bucket list items are Deep Sea Fishing and Salmon Fishing in Alaska. Rik’s key to success is working hard and treating people right. When asked what he likes most about Sterling Services, Rik says “Teamwork-techs help each other out when needed. Meetings to learn things I didn’t know before”

  • Sport: Football and Baseball
  • Food: Anything made on my smoker
  • Sports Team: Arizona Cardinals, Cleveland Indians
  • Movie: Hunt for Red OCtober

Rik is a very smart guy. Here’s how we know: within the first month of joining us, Rik took it upon himself to smoke pork and bring it to one of our service meetings for a huge BBQ breakfast. Needless to say, Rik very quickly became popular with the other guys! I particularly like Rik because he will tackle anything. He has an unquenchable desire to learn new things and wants to learn EVERYTHING. He is the first to try new things and I admire his tenacity in tackling problems both big and small. 

Don Allen

Plumber Manager

Don is from Des Moines, Iowa and enjoys Golf and Football. His wife is Marlene and has a son (Gabe) and a grandson (Chance). His dogs are Owen and Moose; in fact under “one thing people don’t know about you” he says “I really love my dogs!” Don enjoys spending time with family and wants to do “Absolutely Nothing!” when he retires. He does however list a bucket list item as going to Atlantis in the Bahamas. Don’s key to success is caring about employees and customer concerns. When asked what he likes most about working at Sterling Services, he lists “How much they care about their customers and employees. Great place to work!” For an amusing workplace story, Don recalls “when we had pulled pork BBQ sandwiches for breakfast at a team meeting at 7:00 am” 

  • Music: Jazz
  • Movie: John Wick
  • Food: Pizza
  • Sport: Football
  • Sport Teams: Oakland Raiders
  • Book: John Grisham (A Time to Kill)

Don joined our team in the Fall of 2018. We wanted some healthy growth in our plumbing department and I needed a key figure there with many years of industry experience. Don came in quickly became a highly respected leader due to his professionalism and eagerness to see the plumbing team succeed. Don is one of those people who gets along with anyone and everyone and is just a pleasant person with a kind demeanor that wears off on others. Needless to say, we have found him to be a fine addition to our company culture in addition to the technical expertise he brings.  

Gabe Allen


Jeff Holmes


Jeff grew up in Palm Springs, California and is now here with us with his wife, (1) child and a dog. His favorite childhood memory is fishing with his Dad and what we did not know about Jeff is that he served in the US Navy. His Interests and Hobbies are Golf and all outdoor sports. He even lists Golf as what he wants to do when he retires. Jeff’s bucket list item is to Skydive. He says the key to success is his wife and what he likes most about Sterling Services is the family atmosphere. 


  • Music: Authority Zero
  • Movie: Rounders
  • Food: Dessert
  • Book: American Sniper
  • Sport: Golf
  • Team: Dodgers and Kings

Everybody finds Jeff to be a pleasant, likable and easy going guy. I’ve often said over the years, “if customers like you, I’m going to like you”. Well, customers definitely like Jeff and I like Jeff! It’s tough to find the right personnel fit for a business when you have high standards, so when Jeff came aboard, we knew right away we had the right guy to bolster our plumbing staff. Jeff’s customer service is top notch, he works great with everyone around him and is the consummate team player.  

D'Arcy Frye


  • Music: 
  • Food: 
  • Sports Team: 
  • Movie: 
  • Book: 
  • Sport:

Mike Read

Plumbing Supervisor

Michael has been with Sterling Services for several years now. As our Lead Plumbing Technician Michael prides himself on satisfying our customers. Michael is an Arizona native and he has 3 children. Some of Michael’s favorite childhood pastimes is when his dad took him flying and going on family vacations. We asked Michael what he likes most about working for Sterling Services his response was the family atmosphere and the customers. One day Michael hopes to retire and he would like to travel the world. He also lists driving a race car as a bucket list item.
  • Music: 80’s Rock
  • Food: Mexican Food
  • Sports Team: Chicago Bears and Cardinals
  • Interests: Camping, Fishing, ATV Riding

Michael is the key figure of our Plumbing operation. He can happily run service calls all day long at a very high level of customer satisfaction, and the next day accomplish a large project just as efficiently. Michael always has the customer’s best interest in mind and takes pride in everything he does for the customer and the company. I have come to rely on him heavily in helping to grow and manage the Plumbing department. He is truly a key component in the success of our plumbing operation and I have enjoyed watching him grow into greater roles in the business.

Ian Calvert


  • Music: 
  • Movie/TV: 
  • Food: 
  • Book: 
  • Sport:

Jessie Parker


Jessie has a fiance and two Australian Shepherds. He grew up in Tuscumbia, Alabama and his favorite childhood memory is playing baseball. Jessie’s interests are Sports, Cooking, Disc Golf, and Fishing. He lists a bucket list item as going Sky Diving and when he retires he just wants to relax and fish. He lists his key to success as hard work and dedication. When Asked what Jessie likes most about working at Sterling Services, he says “fellow employees are very hardworking and open to helping each other out in any way possible”.

  • Music: Country 
  • Food: BBQ
  • Sport: College Football
  • Sports Team: Alabama Crimson Tide

Jessie mentions hard work and dedication  (above) on his bio sheet. He’s not just saying the right things, but really means it. Installing air conditioners is very hot, hard work most of the time. Jessie does it with a great attitude and is always open minded to improving and finding better ways of doing things. Since we pride ourselves in doing the best installation around, Jessie is obviously an important component in being able to claim that!

Micah Homan

A/C Technician

  • Music: 
  • Movie/TV: 
  • Food: 
  • Book: 
  • Sport: 

Amy Alva

Business Development

Amy has a daughter and two sons (all teenagers!). Being a military brat, she grew up in California, Hawaii, and New Mexico. Favorite childhood memory is playing “hide and scare” with parents. Amy lists interests as Home Improvement projects and one thing people don’t know abut her is that she loves a good wet cotton ball fight. Bucket list items are learning to weld and shooting a bow and arrow on horseback and her key to success is to never stop moving and improving. When asked what Amy most likes about working at Sterling Services, she says that it feels like family and that ideas are welcomed and she gets to think outside the box freely.

  • Music: All kinds: from Celine to Metallica
  • Movie/TV: Game of Thrones
  • Food: Green Chili and Pepperoni Pizza
  • Book: Egonomics
  • Sport: Meh…

Amy’s title just reads “Business Development” mostly because I could not fit everything on a business card unless it was the size of a billboard. Residential Sales, Commercial Sales, Marketing efforts and events, Installation inventory and management, Quality Control checks, some more of this, some more of that… Amy has a long list of experience in many different areas of our industry, so we try to utilize all of it! We are very fortunate to not only have someone this well rounded, but someone who is willing to tackle just about anything! 


Ping Moeveve


  • Music: 
  • Movie/TV: 
  • Food: 
  • Book: 
  • Sport: 



Wrenchie has been with us since about 2010. You’ll find Wrenchie somewhere on each one of our vehicles. He is very versatile and his skills involve the use of a tape measure, screwdriver, toolbox, clipboard, thermometer, pipewrench, drill, and more. On one truck, he’s even wearing a cape!
  • Music: The Star Spangled Banner
  • Movie/TV: Fix-it type shows (and shark week)
  • Food: He eats anything!
  • Book: Any repair manual
  • Sport: Bowling with parts
Wrenchie is more of a mascot than an actual employee. He is a repairman type of figure that I came across a few years ago that we used in a print advertisement. Wrenchie’s big breakthrough came when we figured out we could put different items in his hands. He now appears somewhere on each of our trucks. The fun part is that he has something different in his hand on every truck. Wrenchie also has his own Facebook page and fan club. Silly, I know, but we like to have fun.