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Air Quality Services Mesa AZ

Sterling Services offers a variety of Indoor Air Quality products researched to be tops in their categories and include:

  • Duct mounted air purifiers (ozone and non-ozone generating)
  • High efficiency cartridge filters
  • Whole house steam humidifiers
  • Air exchange units

There are also many good indoor air quality practices we can all exercise as homeowners. The first is getting on a regularly scheduled preventive maintenance plan. Starting each season with clean equipment will help keep airborne particulates out of the air stream. Water from condensation that remains stagnant in a drain pan can lead to many bacterial related health issues and are easily remedied by routine cleaning.

We can also increase our awareness of V.O.C.’s (Volatile Organic Chemicals) by knowing what products in our home are out-gassing chemicals. Some may simply need to be stored differently or elsewhere, but some may require air purifying methods to get rid of harmful gases.

Air Quality

Many air filters available do not offer adequate protection against fine desert dust and others are too restrictive. We can find the right fit for your needs and custom sizing is never a problem.
There are a variety of duct mounted air purifiers on the market which offer some amazing results. Ozone generating and non-ozone generating units are available and we can prescribe the proper type for the specific needs of your household.
Duct mounted steam humidifiers condition the entire house by raising humidity levels during our dry winter months and prevent the numerous problems associated with dry air. This is a popular accessory for those accustomed to wetter climates.
Due to ultra-tight construction of some newer homes, outdoor air intake units may be necessary to replace old air with fresh air as it becomes contaminated. We can properly size and install these products based on your home’s needs.

Check Out APCO Air Purification

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The most important maintenance task that will ensure the efficiency of your air conditioner is to routinely clean its filters.

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