Tips for Your Air Conditioning Service in Mesa, Arizona

Your air conditioner is responsible for providing you comfort and saving you from sweating profusely during the extremely scorching days in Mesa, Arizona. After a season-long of continuous usage, your cooling system requires maintenance. It helps to improve its performance and increase its lifespan. Most times, people wait until something wrong happens with their appliances. Only … Read moreTips for Your Air Conditioning Service in Mesa, Arizona

Hiring the Right Water Quality Service Providers

Monitoring water quality is extremely crucial as contaminated or unclean water is one of the most common sources of diseases and infection. Water may be polluted or contaminated by parasites that can have serious medical consequences. Therefore, you must hire professional water quality services to make sure that the water you are using complies with … Read moreHiring the Right Water Quality Service Providers

Choosing the Right HVAC Contractor

Just like every mechanic, doctor, and plumber is different when it comes to skill and quality of service, all HVAC contractors are different, too. Many handymen with a truck like to call themselves HVAC contractors, when, in reality, they are nothing close to the professionals that you need to call to get your HVAC system … Read moreChoosing the Right HVAC Contractor

6 Reasons Why Regular HVAC Maintenance Is So Important

The HVAC system keeps the temperature of a house cozy and comfortable, which is why a lot of people decide to have an HVAC system installed in their homes. However, not everyone regularly maintains their HVAC system. This results in its early failure. Regular maintenance of your HVAC system is extremely important if you want … Read more6 Reasons Why Regular HVAC Maintenance Is So Important

Water softeners: Time-Initiated vs Demand-Initiated

water softners

We have “theme months” here at Sterling Services where we focus on certain areas each month and January is “Water Quality Month”. This time we’re going to address some water softener features. Once people learn about the benefits of water softeners, it becomes time to figure out the differences. Although most differences are in the … Read moreWater softeners: Time-Initiated vs Demand-Initiated

Flushing Your Water Heater

Water Heater Flush – Periodically flushing your water heater extends the life of the tank and also maintains its efficiency. As sediment builds up in the tank, it leaves less storage area for heated water and also coats the surfaces of heating elements, which can cause premature failure. This is a relatively simple task many homeowners can take on themselves.

Weather Proofing Your Home

Window Coverings – Untreated glass is a very large source of the overall heat gain on your home. various window coverings can help keep the summer heat out. Many products also qualify for utility company rebates.

Weather stripping – Replacing worn out weather stripping is one of the most affordable Do-it-yourself fixes you can make to improve the efficiency of your home. Products and materials can be found at any hardware or home improvement store or can be accomplished by a handyman.

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