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Tips for Your Air Conditioning Service in Mesa, Arizona

Your air conditioner is responsible for providing you comfort and saving you from sweating profusely during the extremely scorching days in Mesa, Arizona. After a season-long of continuous usage, your cooling system requires maintenance. It helps to improve its performance and increase its lifespan. Most times, people wait until something wrong happens with their appliances. Only … Read more

Hiring the Right Water Quality Service Providers

Monitoring water quality is extremely crucial as contaminated or unclean water is one of the most common sources of diseases and infection. Water may be polluted or contaminated by parasites that can have serious medical consequences. Therefore, you must hire professional water quality services to make sure that the water you are using complies with … Read more

6 Reasons Why Regular HVAC Maintenance Is So Important

The HVAC system keeps the temperature of a house cozy and comfortable, which is why a lot of people decide to have an HVAC system installed in their homes. However, not everyone regularly maintains their HVAC system. This results in its early failure. Regular maintenance of your HVAC system is extremely important if you want … Read more

How to Save on Airconditioning

Do you have a vacant property that you can easily list as a vacation rental? Or, are you planning to work in some other city for a year or so and planning to use your property as a vacation rental to make the most of the peak tourist season? Whatever your reason for listing your … Read more

Outperform Our Compensation

outperform our compensation

“In a highly sales oriented industry,we often tell people that we’re different because we do what is in THEIR best interest, regardless of any immediate financial gain or not. Our term “outperform our compensation” means to provide value above and beyond what we are paid.”

-Joel Harris, CEO Sterling Services

What’s in Your Water?

whats in your water

Have you even seen the commercials on TV, such as Coor’s beer commercials, which reel you in with the footage of cold, clear and clean Rocky Mountain spring water cascading down over rocks and falls in a pristine setting? Never mind the beer it supposedly ends up as; I want to drink that water! Unfortunately … Read more

Water softeners: Time-Initiated vs Demand-Initiated

water softners

We have “theme months” here at Sterling Services where we focus on certain areas each month and January is “Water Quality Month”. This time we’re going to address some water softener features. Once people learn about the benefits of water softeners, it becomes time to figure out the differences. Although most differences are in the … Read more

Steam Humidifiers

steam humidifiers

Fall and Winter in the desert are great for golfing, but not so great for air quality. When the monsoon season leaves, it really leaves! If you’ve noticed excessively dry, itchy skin, allergy problems rising and fine layers of dust everywhere, you’re not alone. Although these are known to be early Springtime problems, they are … Read more

Ozone Air Purifiers

ozone air purifiers

Since we are focusing on Indoor Air Quality this month, it’s time to revisit the debate on ozone generating air purifiers. Some manufacturers swear by them while some detest their existence. First things first: Ozone (O3) is sometimes called ‘activated oxygen’ and consists of three oxygen atoms. Di-oxygen (O2) is the stuff we normally breathe … Read more

Drinking Water Testing

Drinking Water Testing

We are fortunate to live in a country where there is a seemingly abundant supply of drinking water, however, there is a growing concern about the safety of our water wells. The EPA has estimated that across the nation over 50% of our water wells are contaminated by a measurable amount of nitrates and nitrites. … Read more

What is Reverse Osmosis? (RO)

what is reverse osmosis

Osmosis, by definition is a “slow change in concentration”. This is when we take a solvent (like water) and squeeze it through a semi-permeable membrane, which leaves a more concentrated solution on one side of the membrane and a more diluted solution on the other side. What? Ok, let’s move on to how the process … Read more

What is 22A Refrigerant?

what is 22a refrigerant

As the HVAC industry changes, it looks at ways of introducing newer types of refrigerant, or Freon, as many know it, to take the place of older types which have a chemical makeup that is high in chlorines. Presently, R-410A has been adopted by manufacturers as a substitute for R-22, which the industry has used … Read more

Does my AC need Freon?

does my ac need freon

As a heating, cooling and plumbing company, we get many folks that call in for service that have already begun the process of trying to figure out what might be wrong with their air conditioners. One of the more common thoughts is that the thermostat must be defective, which actually makes sense to me since … Read more

Flushing Your Water Heater

Water Heater Flush – Periodically flushing your water heater extends the life of the tank and also maintains its efficiency. As sediment builds up in the tank, it leaves less storage area for heated water and also coats the surfaces of heating elements, which can cause premature failure. This is a relatively simple task many homeowners can take on themselves.

Weather Proofing Your Home

Window Coverings – Untreated glass is a very large source of the overall heat gain on your home. various window coverings can help keep the summer heat out. Many products also qualify for utility company rebates.

Weather stripping – Replacing worn out weather stripping is one of the most affordable Do-it-yourself fixes you can make to improve the efficiency of your home. Products and materials can be found at any hardware or home improvement store or can be accomplished by a handyman.

Garbage Disposals

Garbage Disposals – Many disposals are replaced that are not actually defective. They will typically have a reset button located on the underside of them as well as a way most homeowners can unlock a stuck disposal. If your disposal operates, but still does not perform as well as you would like, there are also many upgraded models available for installation.