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Creating Home Equity with HVAC Upgrades in Arizona

HVAC upgrades in Arizona can help you increase the value of your house. It can be a great move to invest in renovating your property if you are planning on selling it sometime in the future. These HVAC upgrades can create home equity and get the attention of buyers for the house.

Here are some HVAC upgrades that Sterling Services can do for you.


Fixing poor insulation can yield around 95-116% returns making it an investment with low risk. Proper insulation can help regulate the internal temperature of the house. This can reduce the burden on the HVAC system and be more energy-efficient overall. It is great from a selling point of view since buyers don’t really want to do any renovations as soon as they move in.


Old boilers or furnaces need to be replaced for efficient heating. Furnaces work without issue for 15 years as long as you do proper maintenance. But if you have older heating systems, they can cost a lot in repairs and energy costs. Switching to a modern, efficient model can be quite attractive to buyers.

Air Ducts

The ductwork should be up-to-date so that it can work well with your HVAC system. The ductwork in homes lasts for around 25 years but can start degrading 15 years in. The degradation will reduce the efficiency of the system. HVAC upgrades in Arizona of the duct can help to improve the air quality of the home, which is better for the residents of the home.


Energy-efficient windows can reduce noise and reduce the burden on HVAC systems. On average, 35% of the heat escapes through inefficient windows. Upgrading to double or triple-pane windows with insulation can reduce energy costs for the home. They also increase the value of the house by around $11,000.


The roof separates the home from outside environmental conditions. If your roof is made with ineffective materials, heat loss can increase by 25%. High-tech, modern shingles can reduce the strain on the HVAC system.

Central Air

Buyers want to get a home they know will stay comfortable all year round. Having a good central air conditioning and heating system can definitely make it easier to sell the house. Central air-condition installation increases the value of the home by 10%.

Sterling Air Services has the best team you could hire for HVAC upgrades in Arizona. They have qualified and trained people who can add value to your home. If you are unsure whether your systems need any upgrades, Sterling Services can inspect the home and point out any gaps.