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Customer Appreciation Month

Each month at Sterling Services, we focus on a different area of business.

For example, last month was Water Quality Month. Next month is Indoor Air Quality Month.

In February we have been busy with Customer Appreciation Month.

Out of all of these themes that we like to focus on, when we have Customer Appreciation and Employee Appreciation spotlighted, it would seem easy to come up with special things to do. The reality is that we focus primarily on customers and employees ALL of the time, therefore we find ourselves wondering what we HAVEN’T done yet during these months.

Since you don’t always see the forest through the trees, I’d like to open up to ideas on what we could do either better, more of, less of, or entirely new approaches to customers and customer interactions.

The last line in our mission statement is to ‘outperform our compensation’, meaning to provide value above what we are paid. Most businesses are highly transaction based; provide a product or service in exchange for payment of equal value. We find it better business to have that equation weighted towards the customer.

Although we do Heating, Cooling and Plumbing service, which is simply one of many trades people need, it doesn’t mean we can’t send out vouchers for a free frozen treat or an offer to a favorite local coffee house to our Total Care Service Plan holders. As you can see, the input we seek does or does not even need to be closely related to our trade.

So what else can we do?

I’m looking forward to hearing any and all input while I ramp up for Indoor Air Quality Month. Also, if there are any other ideas on new topics or tips we can provide, I would love to cover them as well.

Next month, I’m going to address some of the reasons why your house may be so dusty. You’ll be happy to know that it has nothing to do with your cleaning habits!