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Guide for AC Installation in Arizona

This isn’t a how-to manual for AC installation in Arizona on your own -that would definitely be foolish and even expensive. Rather, we’d want to empower you with information to think about before you pay to have an air conditioner installed. This might save you a lot of time, money, and stress!

Admittedly, the AC is a significant financial commitment. That’s significant when you consider that the HVAC systems consume half of your total energy. We want the process for AC installation in Arizona to be as simple as possible. So, what exactly should you think about? Continue reading to find out!

Choosing the Most Appropriate System for Specific Needs

You have a lot of alternatives in front of you, whether you’re upgrading an outdated, unsustainable system or getting something better than a window unit for the first time. Here are a few examples:

Systems for Central Air Conditioning

The most prevalent kind of air conditioning equipment is the central air conditioner. They’re dependable, and modern ones are more efficient than predecessors from even a decade ago.

This is a wonderful choice if you have already installed ductwork in the house or if getting ductwork installed won’t be an issue. You’ll want to think about size; hence, why you should hire a specialist to conduct the installation.

An air conditioning system that is too big, or rather overpowering, for the house in which it is placed may be just as inefficient as a system that is too tiny for the home in which it is put.

To determine the right power and size for the system, our specialists will do a cooling load calculation, which involves looking at a number of particular parameters in your house.

Air Conditioners Using Inverter Technology

These improve the efficiency of the central air conditioner. A basic central air conditioner has two settings: on and off. When the thermostat detects that the temperature has risen over your preferred level, it activates the air conditioner, which runs at full capacity.

An adjustable speed air conditioning system, commonly known as the inverter-driven air conditioning unit, has two speeds. This sort of air conditioner may run at a lesser speed to reach your target temperature and then increase speed as the temperature rises.

Since central ACs use the greatest amount of energy when they first turn on, having the AC system operating continually, as an inverter AC does, is significantly more efficient.

Systems with No Ducts

Ductless systems operate without the need for ductwork. They, too, use heat pump technology, which means they cool the home as well as heat your house effectively.

They’re made up of a single outside unit and up to four internal air handlers that may be regulated independently of one another. As a result, they are the most energy-efficient of the three options shown here for most households!

Please contact our experts to determine which system is appropriate for your house and comfort requirements. Sterling Air is an expert firm that can make the process of AC installation in Arizona quite simple for you.