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Is It Too Late to Call AC Maintenance?

Did your air conditioning unit perform well this summer? Did you find any suspicious symptoms that could indicate a need for repairs? Well, if you don’t know for sure, you should definitely call AC maintenance experts.

Maintenance can help your air conditioning unit operate better since the experts will clean, inspect, and adjust it to make sure that it is working effectively and efficiently. If you skipped maintenance in the past few years, you should definitely make sure to call professionals soon. It is definitely never too late to call AC maintenance experts.

Why Is That So?

Tuning up the AC is one of those things that every air conditioner owner should do once yearly. If you have a year-round heating unit, that should also get checked before the winters come. It is important to make sure that you are frequent and consistent with your HVAC maintenance since it can increase the lifespan of your units.

Plus, summer and heat don’t really take breaks anymore! Heatwaves seem to go on for longer and even close to winter months. Since the summer months can last for a long time, you need to make sure that you are staying cool to avoid the heat getting to you. Maintaining the AC properly will ensure that it is way more energy-efficient too. The system will be able to deal with warm temperatures too.

When you skip tune-ups for the AC, homeowners end up spending way more money on air conditioning. An AC loses 5% efficiency each year that it goes without a proper air conditioning tune-up. This drop in efficiency continues to be steeper as time passes. This means that you will need to pay more in energy costs since it needs to run longer and work harder to cool a room down.

Homeowners can also avoid complete system breakdowns if they do regular maintenance. You can avoid around 85% of AC repairs. Sterling Services Air finds any wear and tear in the AC and do small repairs and replacements to make sure that no breakdowns occur. Small repairs can help to prevent problems from getting worse so that your unit continues to perform to maximum efficiency. It ensures a longer lifespan too.

Let’s be real; nobody wants to needlessly spend money on repairs in the summer that could be spent on better things. When you take cost-effective, simple precautions to do preventative maintenance, you will definitely be doing yourself and the household a huge favor!

Who to Call?

You need to make sure that you are calling experts who know what they are doing. Sterling Services Air does comprehensive and precise maintenance with safety checks. While air conditioning units are definitely not the most dangerous appliance, there are still some components that need to be handled by the right people, or else, it could be harmful such as the refrigerant. There are also electrical components that need to be closely checked.