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November Food Drive and Heating Services

We still have a couple weeks left in November to increase our donation to the United Food Bank. In case you haven’t heard, we are offering our Fall Heating service and safety check in exchange for a bag of food items (dry goods and canned goods) to be sent off to the food bank. If you are able to contribute, please schedule this service so we can help make a difference in the lives of a few in need.

As for the actual service provided, gas furnace service is an area that I feel very strongly about performing at a very high level. I’m also very particular in HOW it’s performed.

I remember being new in the industry years ago when I was shown how to look at the burners in a furnace to determine whether things were working correctly. Now we have fully functioning combustion analyzers that measure oxygen percentages, carbon monoxide levels, draft pressures, carbon dioxide, and even calculate things like how efficient the furnace is.

Although we won’t do it any other way and I’ve made it required practice to tune in a furnace in this manner, it always surprises me how few companies have embraced providing this type of service. Not fully understanding the whole combustion process has simply left them gazing into a furnace and giving it the old thumbs up. Now I’m not going to be too tough on those guys here because in most cases they were likely trained in a similar manner I was.

We feel so strongly about these methods that we include a combustion check on our customer’s gas fired water heaters while onsite servicing the furnace. This is a complimentary safety check and if you have a gas range or a gas fireplace, guess what? That’s getting checked too.

Safe to say, we want our customers around for many more years.