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Plumbing Emergencies – When You Need to Hire a Local Plumber

An unexpected plumbing emergency calls for a professional’s help and inspection into the arisen issue. However, not many homeowners are aware of what constitutes a plumbing emergency.

For your ease and convenience, we’ve gathered some common plumbing issues that necessitate the need to hire a local plumber.

1. Blocked Drains

Blocked drains can be a nuisance when the toilet’s drainage stops working completely. In such a scenario, you can’t use your washroom even in an emergency situation. What’s worse is that blocked drains can lead to poor living conditions.

If you don’t get them fixed or repaired, it may give rise to a strange odor which may make living in your own house unbearable.

2. Water Leaks

A water leak is the most common problem that everyone faces in their home. There can be a number of reasons behind a water leak issue, such as a burst of your in-house or main pipeline or a damaged faucet.

So, if there is a water leak in your home and the water leaks out uncontrollably, the first thing that you should do is turn off the valve that provides your home’s water supply and give your local plumber a call!

3. Gas Leaks

A gas leak can be life-threatening and should not be taken lightly at all. This plumbing issue demands the urgent assistance of a local plumber.

You may not know what instigated the gas leak and how you can switch off your gas valve. However, calling a professional plumber can be the ultimate solution to your problem. This will save you and your family from uncertain incidents in the near future.

4. Frozen Pipes

Usually, pipes burst out in extreme weather conditions, and if you don’t get them fixed or replaced, they may become frozen. To fix this issue, it is best to get the assistance of a local plumber in your area.

A reliable plumber can resolve this issue in no time. Don’t try to fix it yourself as this may aggravate the situation.

5. Not Enough Water Supply

This is a plumbing emergency that usually occurs during the winter season when the supply of hot water can be meager. That said, there can be numerous other reasons for the lack of adequate water supply.

A professional plumber can pay an immediate visit to your house and fix the issue of the water system. Sometimes, the issue may be a bigger one, but all of this can only be ascertained when you obtain professional assistance.

These are some of the top plumbing emergencies that require calling a professional plumber in your area. If you live in Arizona, Sterling Services can fix all kinds of plumbing emergencies in next to no time. Call them today for further enquires.