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Plumbing Essentials for Bathroom Renovations | Plumber in Mesa, AZ

Bathroom renovation can be quite an uplifting, significant, and blissful change in any home. When you hire an expert plumber in Mesa, AZ, you can make sure that you have a stress-free renovation.

Here are the plumbing essentials you will need for bathroom renovation.

Old Plumbing System

The old plumbing system will have a serious impact on the look of the new bathroom. The layout of the old pipes and system will dictate where your new fittings go. Expert plumbers in Mesa, AZ, recommend not changing the inlets since that can be quite needlessly expensive for you.

You should only change the old plumbing system is there is a risk of failure or collapse. Old pipes made of wood pulp, wood, clay, or cast iron can have high maintenance and repair costs. They may not even go with the new fittings you have selected.

Water Heaters

If you are thinking of installing a state-of-the-art shower or a nice bathtub, you will need plenty of hot water. The plumber in Mesa, AZ, can recommend a good water heater for you, which can help you save costs and be more efficient.

Toilet Upgrades

Toilets can face quite a bit of neglect in terms of maintenance. If you are planning on renovating the bathroom, you should consider a new toilet. There are low-flow toilets available that can help you save water.


Plumbers in Mesa, AZ, recommend having a proper ventilation plan. Without ventilation, hot showers can result in the buildup of steam and humidity that can make it hard for you to breathe.

Planning the New Design

Plumbers can work alongside you to design the most effective bathroom, keeping your vision in mind. If you are renovating the master bedroom bathroom, you can convert it into a luxurious spa for relaxation with steam showers, heated towel racks, creative jets, and heated floors. This will ensure you have the perfect place to relax after a long day at work.

For kids, you can have stepping stools that make it easier for them to reach the sink. Double sinks can also make it easier to maneuver through morning routines. You can also add rails, no-slip tiles, and shower chairs for seniors in the home. Guest bathrooms may need their own shelves to store their toiletries.

Having a good design plan will ensure that you are able to execute your vision.

Hire a Professional

Plumbers in Mesa, AZ, work professionally and efficiently. They will ensure that the new bathroom renovation design is practical and results in a decreased need for maintenance and repair. Sterling Services have been working closely with hundreds of families to ensure that their bathroom renovation is perfect!


A bathroom renovation involves the need for professionalism and a vision. By working with the plumber, customers can ensure that they have a suitable renovation that is practical, functional, and effective.