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Sterling Services Show Room

Visit Our Showroom

  • Sterling Services Display Center – We are located at 7256 S 89th place #101 in Mesa, Arizona. Cross streets are Ellsworth and Pecos.
  • Sitting Area – We enjoy having guests as well as networking with other like minded businesses.
  • Another Quality Job! – If you should see one of our yard signs in your neighborhood, stop and say hello!
  • Conference Room – Much training goes into providing our customers technically superior technicians. Our showroom also serves as a training facility to further our commitments to our customers. 
  • Community Use – In the spirit of giving back, we open our doors to hosting community events as well. 
  • Come See Us! – When you visit our showroom, we hope you’ll see why we’re a top rated Factory Authorized Dealer and an A+ Accredited business with the BBB.

Water Treatment Products

  • Commercial Water Systems – Production facilities often have very specific water quality needs that Sterling Services is able to handle
  • Reverse Osmosis Systems – What’s in your water? The reverse osmosis process removes 90 plus percent of the following contaminants before they can even reach your glass: Sulfate, Sodium, Cyanide, Chlorine, Nitrate, Iron, Zinc, Mercury, Selenium, Phosphate, Lead, Magnesium, Cadmium, Barium. 
  • Soft Water Systems and Whole Home Filtration – We can offer solutions to your water issues by customizing a system to fit your specific needs.
  • Unique Applications – Bar sinks, ice makers, outdoor pool kitchenettes and more can all be up-fitted for quality water as well. This also happens to be our water test station. Bring us a water sample and we’ll be happy to test it for you!

Home & Building Comfort Systems

  • Inverter Driven Systems – Whole Home systems equipped with inverter driven compressors are at the top of the high end systems now. These systems match the needs of the home with the exact amount of heating or cooling capacity by slowing down and speeding up accordingly. They are efficient, quiet, and come with a 10 year warranty for peace of mind.
  • Ductless Air Conditioners – Ductless Heating and Cooling Systems are a fast growing part of the HVAC industry. With efficiency ratings pushing 30 S.E.E.R., they are often the best choice for room additions, home offices, garages, and more.
  • Multi-Zone Systems – With the advancement of ductless systems, you can now cool multiple areas with one outside unit and multiple rooms with individual wall units.
  • Attic Systems – Here we show everything we do on a typical attic installation. This model is a 2 stage, 16 S.E.E.R. system that we use to demonstrate the sound, comfort levels, appearance and overall operation of a well installed system. 
  • What we DON’T do! – We love to show our “BEFORE” and “AFTER” display. The theme of our showroom is not just what we do, but more importantly, HOW we do things. 
  • Rooftop Units – Many homes still utilize rooftop air conditioners. This display brings the installation down to you so you can see and hear the system run and judge the general installation practices.
  • Gas Furnace / Air Conditioning System – This system is made up of a gas furnace, air conditioner, humidifier, zoning system, electronic air cleaner and carbon monoxide detector to illustrate the many accessories that can be incorporated into a home comfort system. 
  • Visit us before you buy online! – With our fully operational displays, we believe an educated consumer simply makes better decisions. We like to show what you will be hearing and feeling with your new purchase so there are no unpleasant surprises!
  • Attention to Detail – According to Consumer Reports, how long a new system will last and how efficient it will be to operate depends largely on the installation. We have the knowledge and experience to understand this very well and love to help customers make the best decisions possible. 

Whole Home Accessories

  • Wi-Fi – Be alerted to potential problems and receive reminders with communicating home controls.
  • Smart Thermostats – You can control your temperatures and schedules remotely, view your energy usage and check your operating status with today’s comfort controls.
  • Carbon Monoxide Monitors – Carbon monoxide is known as the “Silent Killer”. It is a colorless, odorless gas that has been linked to many illnesses and it must be monitored in order to know that it is present. A low level CO Monitor will keep your family safe. 
  • Whole Home Controls – Zoning panels, whole home monitoring systems, wireless accessories and more continue to become available at more affordable levels than seen in the past. 
  • Whole Home Humidifiers – During our ultra dry desert winters, our heaters remove even further moisture from our homes. Steam generating humidifiers inject warm moisture into your air stream for improved breathing, healthier skin and sinus relief.
  • Electronic Air Cleaners – Electronic air cleaning is known to be the greatest method of air cleaning and employs multiple stages of purifying your air. The electronic stage is an ionizing process, providing the highest quality air attainable. 
  • Ultra Violet Air Cleaning – “UV” technology serves as an anti-microbial means of cleaning your air. With a germicidal UV light inserted into your duct work, organisms in the air stream are terminated as they pass through.
  • Zoning – Zoned systems allow multiple thermostats on a single system for individual heating and cooling needs in different areas of a home or office. 

Plumbing Fixtures

  • Rainheads – There are many brands and styles of bath and kitchen fixtures to choose from. 
  • The “out of the ordinary” – A new look to a men’s room or that coveted “man cave”! 
  • Commodes – There are hundreds of styles and colors to select from. A bathroom doesn’t always have to be white!
  • Vessel Sinks – This vessel sink and antique fixture was installed into an ordinary cabinet for a real one-of-a-kind look! 
  • Lavatory Upgrades – Trough sinks and wading pool lavatories can be found in different sizes and configurations for narrow areas and corners.
  • Decisions, Decisions… – We can show you a variety of different ideas to fit your preferences and budget.
  • Shower Options – Multiple water outputs and rain-heads can be made possible in most custom showers. 
  • Customizing to Your Needs – Body wash fixtures are popular features in remodeling showers. 

Custom Grilles & Duct Work

  • Exposed Duct Systems – At one time, open ceilings and exposed duct work were only found in commercial applications. Due to the variety of different styles and looks of ducting made today, we can customize homes to capture the similar look of your favorite restaurant. 
  • Custom Venting – Do you have a favorite style, look, texture, or color you like? Are you tired of the same plain, white registers? There are hundreds of options that your builder likely did not share with you!
  • Commercial Duct Systems – Sterling Services has a proven track record of providing some very impressive ducting projects. Sizing, design, and function are all carefully executed to deliver top performance.
  • Architectural Venting – When remodeling a home, why re-install the same registers that came down? Custom crafted venting can add a striking addition to any room. 
  • Customize a Single Room or Cabin – The Outdoor “Gold” Series features a line-up of various wildlife to choose from.
  • Laser Cut Steel Designs – The “Vineyard” model comes in various colors and textures and is just one of many examples of giving that Wine Room or Library it’s own special feel.

Water Heaters

  • Electric Tankless Water Heaters – Now there are also electric versions of tankless water heaters. Due to new technology, electric units have grown in popularity for those all-electric households.
  • Space-Saving Water Heating Options – Tankless Heaters are wall mounted units with no water storage needed, which enable you to save space and increase efficiency at the same time.
  • Gas Powered Tankless Water Heaters – Why store and continuously reheat 40 to 50 gallons of hot water all day long when you can have on-demand hot water every time you turn on a faucet? We are happy to enable many customers to get away from their conventional heaters in favor of these highly efficient space savers. 
  • Conventional Water Heaters – This water heater was a bit overdue for replacement. We can also help eliminate the excessive amount of corrosive activity that occurred here by prescribing the right type of water treatment.