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Steam Humidifiers

Fall and Winter in the desert are great for golfing, but not so great for air quality.
When the monsoon season leaves, it really leaves! If you’ve noticed excessively dry, itchy skin, allergy problems rising and fine layers of dust everywhere, you’re not alone. Although these are known to be early Springtime problems, they are hard to ignore in the post-monsoon months.

Although we could cover all types of air purifiers, how they work, and get into the technical functions of microbial removal, we’ll just look at plain old comfort today. That’s right, something easy to understand: Humidifiers.

There are several quality products on the market right now in the area of whole house steam humidifiers. The term “whole house” indicates that they are duct mounted units, which treat the entire home by moving a fine mist throughout the home via the existing duct system. The term “steam humidifier” is very important as well. I remember the really old style units which required the heat to be operating in order to vaporize water to create humidity. The obvious problem is that it could very well be 75 to 80 degrees in your home this time of year but bone dry. You want a boost in moisture in the air but the last thing you want is to run the heat. The Steam humidifier creates its own steam and cycles the fan on to distribute it through the home by first measuring the relative humidity in the house. This can be done by installing a humidistat next to your thermostat or upgrading your existing thermostat to a model with the capability of reading relative humidity.

Most of these installations are fairly straightforward and in each completed case, the homeowners only regret is that they didn’t do it sooner, since most of them had just been living with the issues before the solutions were brought to their attention.

The Opportunity for Whole-House Humidification

In a recent survey*, Honeywell asked 1,854 homeowners questions to get their specific thoughts about
humidification and comfort in their home. Their feedback speaks for itself:

• 58% said their home’s air feels dry in the winter
• 42% experience static electricity and static shocks in the winter
• 64% have hardwood floors in their home
• 72% currently do not have a whole-house humidifier installed in their home
• 30% are not aware that a professional, whole-house humidifier is available
• 92% would prefer a whole-house solution that fills itself versus having
to keep re-filling portable units