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Tips from Joel - Sterling Services

Tips from Joel

Sterling Services has informative ways to help you conserve energy and save money. These tips are designed to help you choose effective ways to reduce your costs.

Tips from Joel “Monsoon”

It’s time to prepare for Monsoon Season. Sterling Services wants to help keep you safe.  It is best to be prepared. The National Weather Service has declared June 15th as the official start date and the season typically runs until September 30th.  Sterling Services has put together a list of important...

Tips from Joel “Weather Proofing Your Home”

Window Coverings – Untreated glass is a very large source of the overall heat gain on your home. various window coverings can help keep the summer heat out. Many products also qualify for utility company rebates. Weather stripping – Replacing worn out weather stripping is one of the most affordable...

Tips from Joel “Garbage Disposal”

Garbage Disposals – Many disposals are replaced that are not actually defective. They will typically have a reset button located on the underside of them as well as a way most homeowners can unlock a stuck disposal. If your disposal operates, but still does not perform as well as you...