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What to Do When a Pipe Bursts Inside the House? | Pipe Burst in Mesa, Arizona

Pipe bursts in Mesa, Arizona, can definitely be a nuisance to deal with. The leaking water can cause all sorts of damage to the furniture, the flooring, and the house structure. Dealing with a pipe burst as an amateur can be even tougher, which is why it is important to learn about it properly. As a homeowner, you should know what to do when a pipe bursts in your house.

Here is an easy 8-step process to deal with pipe bursts.

1. Switch Off the Main Valve for Water

The best way to curb water damage to the house is to cut off the water supply to the house. You will probably find the main water valve under your kitchen sink or down in your basement. Make sure to track down the valve beforehand so you aren’t wasting time looking for it in an emergency.

2. Draining the Pipes

The second thing you can do is to drain all the water from the pipes that are remaining. You can do this by filling up buckets or flushing every toilet in the house. Let the water out until all the faucets are dry.

3. Turning Off the Water Heater

When the water system is turned off, you should make sure all the hot water is out of your faucets. Again, fill some buckets and use the water later for washing dishes, doing laundry, etc., to make sure you don’t needlessly waste any water.

4. Turn Off the Electricity in the Home

If your house is flooded, the electricity should definitely be off in the home. The water can come in contact with your appliances, electrical outlets, and even the fuse box. This can be quite dangerous since it can result in electrocutions.

5. Locate the Pipe Burst

While large pipe bursts in Mesa, Arizona, are pretty obvious, the smaller pipes can be difficult to locate. Try and locate pooling water under the sink or on your floors. If you find the source of the burst, and it is still leaking, make sure to contain the water leak with a bucket or large bowl.

6. Call the Plumber

If the pipe burst was super small or barely a crack, you might be able to make it work by using chemical bonding commercial tape. This can limit the leak and contain the water. However, homeowners should make sure not to risk it because an inadequately repaired pipe burst can result in a lot of damage. You need to make sure you call a professional to fix the pipe burst since that is a more long-term, sustainable, and efficient solution. This will reduce damage and lower water waste.

7. Document the Damage

Water damage can be a destructive force in the house. If the pipe burst caused damage, you should make sure to document it properly. Take pictures of everything since that will make it easier to file for your insurance claim later on.

8. Cleaning Up the Water Damage to Prevent Mold

If it is a small leak, you will be able to clean it up pretty well, and it won’t result in mildew smells or mold. Large leaks may require professional cleaning with advanced fans and vacuums to dry out your furniture, carpets, and wall.

If you face pipe bursts frequently in the home, it could indicate a larger problem with the plumbing in your home. You should call Sterling Services for a pipe burst in Mesa, Arizona since they can inspect your plumbing and tell you what you need.