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Why Is My AC Not Working? | Reasons Why the AC Isn’t Blowing Cold Air

There are a variety of reasons why the air conditioning system may not be blowing the chilly air you want, ranging from basic filthy filters that have to be changed to more technical and electrical concerns. Let’s start by looking at some of those difficulties, with the hopes of educating our valued homeowners and shedding some light on the necessity of maintaining your air conditioner in top shape with the additional benefit of an air conditioning maintenance plan. Sterling Air can help you get a maintenance plan in place so that your home’s comfort is never compromised.

Faulty Capacitors Can Make Your System Look Like It’s Broken

Your air conditioning system’s compressor functions similarly to a heart. That heart requires a charge of energy to get started and another jolt to keep functioning. The capacitor, which is placed near the compressor and electrically linked to it, provides this surge of power.

The capacitor accumulates energy in the same way as a rechargeable battery does, and when the compressor needs to start and operate, the capacitor takes care of it. The capacitor in your air conditioner has two major foes. There’s a lot of heat, and there’s a lot of power spikes. In the summer, both these things are pretty common. Of course, there’s the heat, as well as electricity spikes from events like lightning strikes during those terrifying summer thunderstorms.

Your Cold Air Flow Can Be Blocked by a Dirty Air Filter!

Dirty air filters are another problem that arises during the peak season of your air conditioner’s functioning. Simply by being there, the air filters in the system are meant to limit air movement. When you add in a completely clogged filter media from grime, dust, and other foreign material, your wonderful cold airflow will be hindered from cooling the rooms, causing even more trouble.

Your unit will cool unevenly if your air filters are clogged or unclean, causing certain rooms to be excessively chilly, but others don’t need cold air at all. Blocked filters may trap cold air pockets around the air conditioner coils, producing frost problems and ultimately water damage.

Problems with The Thermostat and The Cooling Switch

Your system’s thermostat serves as a user interface for you. If you have an older ‘analog’ thermostat, it may be prone to out-of-calibration or simple failures. It is just like any item in your house and might fail at any time. When air conditioners start producing less cold air, getting an HVAC technician from Sterling Air to come out and correctly assess any thermostat faults is one of the more straightforward fixes.

Clean Up Those Condensing Coils!

The big condensing coils on the exterior component of your air conditioner are an Achilles Heel for your air conditioner. The heat from your home is removed from the condenser coils by way of a fan rushing on the surface to drain the heat. The refrigerant attracts the heat, transfers it to the condenser through copper tubing, and as it loops through the coil, the fan will rush across the surface to drain the heat.

It’s critical to maintain the condensing coil flushed with water and the small metal cooling fins that surround it as straight as possible. A filthy coil and bent fins might lower the cooling capacity of your system, leading it to generate less cold air!

Call Sterling Air to inspect your air conditioning so that the comfort of your home isn’t compromised.